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November 03, 2004



Good map...only Alberta would probably want to be a part of the United State of Texas, and Quebec a part of France.

Jimmy Akin

Fine with me. We can trade it for southern Illinois.

More Texans is more good!

Alberta can be part of the new panhandle.

Edmonton can be the new Amarillo.


I'm currently a Wisconsinite, but wouldn't mind changing that to Texan if the need should arise...yee-haw for the U.S.T.!


does this mean I'll have to buy a pair of cowboy (cowgirl)boots?

Our pastor already thinks he lives in Texas, so it wouldn't be a big switch for him...

(in lovely, RED, Missouri)


I would like to see a county red/blue map like this one for the 2000 election.


Ed Peters

You know, of course, that Texas already has, in writing even, the right to secede from the Union.

Mike Koenecke

I saw the same thing on a leftist blog, only the large central part which went for Bush was labeled "Jesusland." A nice example of the leftist contempt for Christianity.

Circuit Rider

Remember that in the upper midwest, the only "Canadian" parts are the Twin Cities, Dulut, Chicago/Milwakee and similar urban areas. The rest is solidly UST.

Likewise on the left coast. Only the seaside counties are demonrat.

I strongly suspect that the Canadian provinces between the mountains and the populated regions east of the muskeg would rather be UST than French Canadian.

BTW, Only the first Texas had that right. And they did secede. The second Texas, granted Statehood in the 1870s, doesn't have that proviso, if I'm not mistaken.

Circuit Rider

So the silly leftists didn't even know that the real name is "Christendom" not "Jesusland"?

Circuit Rider

eh, that should be east of the BC coastal plain and -west- of the eastern end of the muskeg -OTOH- all but IIRC, Lower Canada. Or is that Upper Canada?

Matthew L. Martin

Circuit Rider's right--the Twin Cities and Duluth/Superior should be chartered as Free Cities attached to the People's Judiocracy of Amerika; the rest of Minnesota should be integrated into UST. (Can't speak for Wisconsin--but I suppose we can live with _some_ Cheeseheads. :-) )


OK, how tough is the immigration laws of the United State of Texas? I will desperately be seeking political asylum from Baja Canada.....

Jimmy Akin

I think the UST would welcome immigrants who share its values. Therefore, political asylum from Baja Canada would be a legitimate reason for immigration.


I'd make the move, but I don't think I could handle all the country music.


Alot of joking around about moving to different countries ... but, I do believe that some people will gravitate within the country to areas that they more closely agree with the local politics.

northern pilot 201

Love BillyHW's comment about Alberta (being an Albertan myself that is).


I think Michigan, except for a couple of counties, should be included in USofT.
(Unfortunately, I live in one of those Blue Counties :(

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