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March 03, 2004



I see graffiti master pieces as art. Its what i do every day in a legal way (No writing on public property. I got my name tatooed on my leg. Is that immoral? I look at it as a positive self expresssion. it makes me feel distinguished from others and the fact that I designed it myself makes me feel proud.


Some artists are actually hired do do large murals on public buildings. I don't know if this would be considered graffiti but it seems like an interesting way for an artist to display their artwork. : )
I'm sure there are many different opinions on the subject of tattoes. However, I gather from Jimmy's post that the Church would not consider simply tattooing your name on your leg to be immoral.

Hannah Oberbeck

Thanks for the clarification, it seems like this is a subject that gets hazy often. Even with your explanation I still feel uneasy though. Is there anything to the somewhat cultural taboo on tattos? If that's what it is....why do so many religious people "look down on" the art of tattooing? Is is just from that Old Testament verse? When I think about whether or not Jesus would've got a tatto I feel like it's s no brainer - no he wouldn't have. I just want to feel sure about it because I have 3 kids and a husband who really likes tattoos but as it stands he thinks he can't get anymore. I want him to be as free as possible to express himself but I don't think I like to promote that to my kids.

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