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July 11, 2005



Bibleman used to be played by Willy Aames, btw, but he laid down the role a few years back.

Tim J.

Shoudn't "Bibleman" have a black outfit with gold trim? That seems to be the color scheme for most bibles. The cape could be maroon, like that little ribbon that hangs out, marking your page.

Hopefully, Bibleman is not weighed down with needless introductions and dubious footnotes, as some of my Bibles are. That would make it hard for him to fly.


I actually saw some of these action figures (along with his sidekicks) a couple weeks ago at a bookstore in Cleveland.



OK-I'll admit it--we own some copies of Bibleman. My kids want superhero type stuff and there is nothing out there that they can see--Spiderman, Batman, et al. are rated PG-13--my kids won't be seeing them for a long time. My husband I and previewed the videos before my kids watched them--are they are pretty good.

Bibleman and his team, whose Captain is God, goes up against some bad guys who use a computer named LUCI to tempt the good guys to be afraid, to lie, to boast of their achievements and be prideful, to be untrusting, etc. They always realize that God is the answer to combatting any bad guy.

It's better than anything I can find for them to watch and I don't see that it goes against the magisterium.

My husband I and also noticed some images of statues and things that looked really Catholic in some of the earlier videos.

Am I wrong to let my kids watch these?


Given all the stuff out there, I would feel safe letting my kids, if I owned any, watch the show. It seems that even on the most innocent cartoons, the characters are wear less and less every year...

Sean S.

I think you've answered your own question, Suzanne =).


I just hope that he wasn't deceived by Mad Prof. L. Reformius Uther into going to the 'dark side' and become Sola Scriptura Man. If that ever happens, we can always call on the Super Cardinals of 'The Council Rangers' (With Tradition Man and Magisterial Man, of course).

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