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June 12, 2005


Eric Giunta

How does the above apply to passages in the Pslams which the same thing, but in very different contexts?


This is a rather critical verse since it is key to the Jehovah's Witnesses understanding of the afterlife, soul sleep. I'd like to see you spend more time with it.

Lauda Jerusalem Dominum

We know that the souls in heaven only know what God permits them to know. Might one speculate that before the Resurrection, the souls in prison had little knowledge of the state of the souls on earth?

Eric Giunta

Also,what of the argument that Jimmy's exposition is difficult to reconcile with divine inspiration?



I can't see how's it's difficult to reconcile with inspiration. If the purpose of the book is explicitly to present what an unaided human mind could conclude, divine authorship is not at all problematic. The only problem would be if Ecclesiasticus was making the claim that every statement he makes is absolutely true; usually this can be assumed for other Scriptures (e.g. St. Thomas: "In all matters which Scripture delivers after the manner of historical narrative, we must hold, as a fundamental fact, the truth of the history"), but Ecclesiasticus may be a special case due to its genre.

Consider the fact that, for instance, the writing down of Satan's words in Gen. 3 is also inspired - yet, the words of the deceiver don't need to be taken by us as true (although the events truly happened).

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